Trim Supplier Qualification Program

The Trim Supplier Qualification Program (TQP) community provides a database of trim suppliers that have undergone Intertek’s market leading TQP assessment program. Each TQP report and supplier profile aims to provide a more holistic picture of a supplier’s quality, safety and regulatory management performance, while also supplying the supplier necessary tools to provide documentation to ensure “due care” has occurred and trim supplier factories are capable of producing safe, reliable, high quality products. Implementation of this program helps build a strong quality management system in a cost effective manner and assure that trim suppliers evolving product safety, regulatory, quality, and performance levels are consistently achieved over the long term. The program is backed by a variety of multinational buyers and major global trim suppliers, and continues to seek buyer partners everyday – see below for more information on how you can become part of the community.

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The Trim Supplier Qualification Program (TQP) provides apparel and footwear retailers, vendors and trim suppliers, a holistic improvement initiative focusing on production capability and quality control systems. TQP helps to facilitate the transparency and traceability necessary to rely on component testing under the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Testing and Certification Rule.

TQP focuses on production capability and quality control systems necessary to ensure product safety and quality expectations are built into the manufacturing process, therefore minimizing risks from product recalls and test failures. The program provides trim suppliers around the world with a unique approach to educate and improve performance, by offering training to build awareness of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s (CPSIA) regulations and CPSC Testing and Certification Rule. Onsite visits by trained Intertek auditors will assess measures and controls in place to support manufacturing of safe and high-quality products on a consistent basis, focusing on 5 core areas of assessment: Management Environment, Risk Management, Process Control, Product Testing, Monitoring

You can find more information about the standard in the Supplier Guidance Manual available in Resources.

The standard may be voluntarily adopted by any company in the apparel sector, interested in improving quality/safety/legality management performance in their organization. Through assessment of trim suppliers evaluated under a single standard adopted by many customers, Intertek’s Trim Supplier Qualification Program facilitates benchmarking of supplier performance against country, industry or global results; moreover suppliers can easily share audit reports among common customers, therefore reducing audit fatigue and audit costs, because suppliers only have to complete a single audit for a number of buyers.

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Program Performance Trends (Past 3 Years)
Performance Distribution (Top 5 Countries)

As part of the TQP process, a trim supplier and its facilities will undergo the following key steps:

Step 1:Training and awareness to understand CPSIA regulations and the Testing and Certification Rule

Step 2: Optional utilization of the Intertek iComply™ solution, a supporting tool that provides suppliers with a mechanism to maintain product technical files, testing plans and other documentation to meet traceability regulatory requirements.

Step 3: Onsite visits by Intertek staff to assess measures and controls are in place to support the manufacturing of high-quality products on consistent basis, with focus on:

  • Management environment
  • Risk management
  • Process control
  • Product testing
  • Monitoring
  • Trim Suppliers will receive a report that they can share with their respective vendors and buyers/retailers

Step 4: Continuous improvement planning and support to implement corrective actions; benchmarking of results, and risk-based score cards.

  • Onsite re-audits to verify corrective actions, qualification
  • Qualified trim supplier status information is updated regularly in the Inlight platform

For Suppliers

As a supplier partner participating in TQP, you and any of your participating facilities will gain the following benefits:

  • Training to understand CPSIA regulations and the Testing and Certification Rule, including “Undue Influence” Policy adoption, support and training
  • Guidance on how to demonstrate a “high degree of assurance” that products comply with mandatory regulations
  • Reduction in audit fatigue by enabling suppliers to share their verification reports with various brands and retailers.
  • Increased access to a community of buyers

For Buyers- Retailers, Brands

As a business partner participating in TQP, whether you are a Retailer, Brand, or Vendor, you will gain the following benefits

  • Access to the TQP community database of participating supplier profiles, providing visibility into qualified trim suppliers in the program, for better sourcing decisions
  • Tools to provide documentation to ensure “due care” has occurred and your trim factories are capable of producing safe, reliable, high quality products.
  • Minimized risks related to safety issues, product recalls, by addressing quality performance issues early in the production cycle, with adequate time to make decisions and improvements
  • Performance benchmarks against industry, country and global peers, trend analysis of performance over time, identification of good practices, to provide insight into supplier performance.
  • Decision based reporting, real time data mining and management and executive reporting.
  • Reduced testing costs

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The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

Intertek iComply Solution website on TQP Program

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Available Resources For Download

 TQP Sample Report
 TQP Standard and Guidance

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